A calm father

From Marya’s first stay at Shevet Achim in the spring of 2019, I’ve absolutely loved this girl. I met her for the first time after her first surgery last year, so getting to walk through the whole process with her for her second time has been a blessing. Because of the numerous hospital stays, her father is a pro at how things work in it. He was very calm during the wait, and the catheterization only lasted an hour. During this time the doctors had ascertained information on her lung pressure, which is still a bit high, and she still had a VSD. She will be discussed at the conference next week. The doctor was optimistic that no further intervention would be needed this time around.

When she was brought out of the cath lab, she was already coming out of her sedated sleep, and after a few minutes was more aware. Her father steadfastly stood by her bed and soothed her even though at times she was inconsolable. Her father’s gentleness and patience has continually stood out to all of us. Please pray that God would speak to him, and for our beautiful Marya, that she could be discharged to Kurdistan soon!