Almost discharged

We got news early on in the day that Khonav was possibly…then definitely…being discharged today! She just needed to have an x-ray to confirm everything was OK. Co-worker Liza went downstairs with Khonav (who is now able to walk such a distance without support) and her mum to have this done. However, sadly, the x-ray revealed that part of her lung is collapsed! It was a shock to hear this for everyone, and especially Khonav who had been so looking forward to coming back home to Jaffa for quite some time now.

But, Khonav and her mum both have an unshakable spirit which keeps them joyful. Even in the circumstance of this sad news, Khonav’s mum took the time to help the grandma of another Shevet child, Asmaa, who was feeling unwell, by bringing her a sandwich to eat together whilst waiting for Asmaa’s catheterization.

Khonav’s condition is now being treated with oxygen, and she had cheered up by the end of the day. Her main concern was that she was hungry, but was laughing so much as the oxygen mask was obstructing her mouth. We took some pictures together and hoped that she will be coming back to our home in Jaffa very soon. Thank God for the continually beautiful patient and joyful spirit we see in these two. Hopefully Khonav will have recovered soon.