Adleen’s first day in the hospital

Adleen arrived in Israel only yesterday with her mum. Already we have seen quite a lot of her, as she has been having a high temperature, and yesterday was really upset and difficult to settle. Today brought a little relief. She was nicely more calm on her way to the hospital. She was really wrapped up very warmly, as she had just left a cold Kurdish winter.

When we were in the echo room, I think I counted five layers of clothing and then a huge blanket around her!

Her mum was able to keep her content and even sleeping during the majority of the echo with milk. Some of the translation was a bit difficult for Julio today, as this Yazidi mother speaks a dialect which is very different.

Whilst the mother did bring images of the CT scan which Adleen had had in Kurdistan, the doctor decided that her heart is too complex to be able to decide a plan for her surgery based on these assessment images. So she will be needing an MRI scan before any other plans can be made.
Please pray for sweet Adleen and her mum, that they will be able to settle into life here in Israel as they wait for the surgery and that Adleen would maintain good health in the meantime.