Back in business

Ramyar was for one week in our Shevet Jerusalem Guest House. But today, he returned to Sheba Medical Hospital for an appointment with Dr. Katz.

Today was for a second specific echo that would show the valve function of his heart more clearly. We had a very long waiting time. But with Ramyar, this super active and funny guy, it was not hard to wait. He is very fast and want to explore everything. And sometimes he confusing the mum, when he runs away or hide, but he also bring so much joy to us.

Then the waiting time was over and the echo started. He was very calm and brave AND he was the first children who laughs in the echo, cause it tickled his belly. So the doctors had very quickly all the information that they needed.

The result: He needs a surgery for the of “re-repair” of the valve in his heart. It wouldn’t be a big but a very delicate and difficult surgery. And it’s also the second surgery in the same area within two years. So the doctors will discuss him and we are waiting for the next appointment now. Please pray for this amazing boy with his incomparable charisma and his mum, that they’ll meet Jesus as their savior and healer.