Continuing to recover, awake and alert

I found Mohaned on the fifth floor today! This was my first time meeting them as before they’ve been in the ICU, and meeting them made me realize how much I’ve missed doing visits! His grandmother was a thoroughly beautiful woman. She has lived her whole life in the south of Gaza in the city of Rafah.
As we spoke Mohaned was very awake and alert, his big eyes were glued to his grandmother’s face and then to mine as I was a stranger to him, he looked like he was thinking ‘who is she?’ Mohaned continues to recover, today when I was there they had stopped supplementary oxygen to see how he was without it. He needs to be eating more, but this is complicated by his lungs collapsing after surgery which have been opened again, and little by little are improving, but nonetheless they are not normal yet so feeding alot at one time is a very laborious endeavour for him.  Please pray for this precious boy, thank God for this gift of life and the care of his grandma!