An interesting few days

Asmaa has had an interesting few days.  On Sunday morning, she started bleeding from her gums at the site where her front teeth had been extracted nearly a week before.

The bleeding did not stop easily.  So, off she and her tired grandma went with Shevet nurse Colin to the hospital, to get a check of her bleeding times and to make sure that the Coumadin dose (the medicine given to  ‘thin’ the blood because of the artificial valve) was okay.

Asmaa’s blood level was perfect!  We learned that she may have irritated that area of her gums by eating several lollipops  at a party on Saturday, so we continued to watch her and provide some topical care to her gums.

Sunday day and night, she continued to bleed intermittently.  That meant back to the hospital on Monday morning, where Asmaa was checked by the hematology doctor, and had another INR blood test.  This time, the INR level was too high, so she received  two medicines to help with clotting — along with three gifts from the hospital staff!

She will continue with some medicine at home, some adjustments to her Coumadin dosage, and another check at the hospital on Tuesday morning.

Tonight Asmaa is understandably a bit tired and grumpy.  Join us in praying that this is only a little  unexpected “bump in the road” on her journey, and that she will heal her gums and re-stabilize her blood levels.