It’s all been worth it

Mohaned was scheduled to have a catheterization today, but it was re-booked for next week. Today was the first time I saw him face to face since he left Shevet’s care in August! Within a few minutes of meeting him, I got to hold him, and he settled into my arms like he had last summer. His mother was very good-natured about the change of date of the Cath, and is staying at our Jaffa house until their is a new Cath day.

Tonight, we enjoyed a New Year’s Eve meal as a community, which Mohaned and his mother were a part of. This small hafla (‘hafla’ is Arabic for ‘party’) ended with each of us saying something we were thankful for in 2020 and Mohaned’s mother expressed her gratitude for her beautiful son and the treatment he is getting. Though it isn’t easy, it has all been worth it for him.

Thank you for your prayers for Mohaned.