Discharged to Jaffa

The decision was made that Aya would be discharged from Sheba Medical today. She told co-worker Georgia and I that as soon as we get back to our Shevet community home, she wants to see our community dog ‘Shevie,’ which of course is a top priority for this sweet girl. Aya also showed us some artwork she had drawn of a dog meant to resemble Shevie.

While waiting to be discharged, Aya worked on decorating a doll that an art teacher who works in the hospital gave to her, and this turned into a medical experiment when the art teacher introduced a cannula which they inserted into the plush doll and they gave the doll a corona test with a ‘corona testing swab kit.’

Aya’s eventual discharge went smoothly. She and her mother have eagerly anticipated this moment all week, so thank you God that it is here. Please continue to pray for Aya as she regains her strength convalescing in our community home in Jaffa.