Infectious joy

A different woman greeted co-worker Carina and I today when we visited Sheba Hospital. Compared to the worried and tearful mother I met two days ago, Lalo’s mother was a joyful sunbeam today! She is very happy to tell us that the chest drains have been removed, and that she can hold her baby again after these difficult days apart from him. She is very grateful and feeling positive now, even on the topic of hospital food, which can sometimes be trying for our Kurdish families. She was excited that she tried sweet potatoes for the first time. What a blessing to see someone with an overflowing heart of gratitude. Its impossible to be with her and not feel good and encouraged!

Her son Lalo has been moved now to the Intermediate Pediatric ICU, which is really good news as he is recovering well. She later sent me this photo, introducing her handsome new baby, the New Lalo, no longer blue!

Thank God for his healing, and for his mother’s infectious joy. May God give all of us a grateful heart like Lalo’s mum.