Little Joud Joud

Today our two year old little Joud had to come back to the Sheba Medical Center hospital today for an Echo and an ECG. I had the privilege to collect her and her lovely mother from the Erez border crossing today. It was quite late when we arrived at the hospital, but thank God that he is always making a way and that because of His grace, the doctors checked her today. In moments like this, you can definitely feel the Lord in the ground of the great work at Shevet.

During the Echo and the ECG,  little Joud was not calm in the first few minutes, but of course her loving mother took great care of her and managed to calm her down very quickly with a coin she gave to her. Then Joud was looking at the nurses with an interested face and was very calm which was good because this freed the doctors to do their work. After Joud’s examinations, we had to wait for a while because the doctors needed to discuss her case and decide what they want to do next.

During the waiting time, our cute little girl was listening to some music on her mother’s phone and was dancing and singing along with it. Her lovely mother and I really enjoyed watching her do this. She is a funny little girl and you will love her probably immediately upon meeting her.

After a while, one doctor came and told us that Joud needs a cath in which they want to implant a stent in the RVOT. It’s not scheduled yet, but it’s probably going to be in four or five weeks. The mother also told us that her lovely daughter is not gaining a lot of weight and there is a low response to effort.

But for today, I had the chance to bring the two lovely ladies back to Gaza and enjoy a nice car drive with them. Your prayers for this mother and her beautiful daughter Joud are much appreciated. Thank you.