Discharged home to Gaza

I had the privilege to drive happy little Kareem and his mother back to Gaza today and be reunited with their family there.When I went to Sheba hospital with the purpose of visiting Kareem and his lovely mother, the discharge process was ready and so was the mother with all her bags. She couldn’t wait to be back with her family as soon as possible, and putting a gentle pressure on me, she said, “quickly quickly” over and over again when I was talking with the nurse about Kareem’s medicine and when he must return to Israel.  When I finished to speak to the nurse she was very happy that we finally left. Kareem is in a good condition at the moment but he needs to see the cardiologist in Gaza after two weeks, continue with some of his medicines and he needs to come back in around two months for his cleft lip repair. He is a very happy boy and was sleeping peacefully when I drove with them to the Erez border crossing. Thank you for your prayers for this happy Gentleman and his lovely mother.