Step by step

This morning Ghena went into another surgery. She was bleeding and doctors needed to find exactly where this was occurring.  The surgery took around four hours. The heart of little Ghena is still very weak which is why everything is happening step by step. One of the steps in today’s surgery was to disconnect Ghena from the ECMO machine. This was done successfully and is a good step forward for her.

After Ghena’s surgery, she was taken back to the ICU where it took the doctors a bit of time again to stabilize little Ghena. During this time, Ghena had cardiac arrest. Doctors needed to do more tests for her including an echo to see if she might need a pace maker.

She’s stable again. The mitral valve is still not good. They didn’t close Ghena’s chest yet because they want to observe how she is doing in the next few days.  So everything is definitely happening step by step. That makes it difficult for her loving grandmother and also for Ghena’s family back in Gaza. Your prayers for this whole situation are much appreciated.

It is interesting to note that while we waited in the waiting room today, we were joined by three other Gaza moms, whose children are also in the hospital at the moment. They all know each other from these past days and  can understand and relate to each other’s feelings and experiences quite well. All of them love each other already, behave like sisters to each other, and for a short time at least, when the sirens weren’t sounding above, it was a kind of escape from reality for them to chat, have fun, and support each other.