First assessment at the hospital

Today, Samem had his first assessment at Sheba hospital. He had an Echo, an ECG and a blood test. He is a very active and happy boy with a beautiful smile who loves to interact and play with other people. He is the oldest child we have with us in our community house at the moment.

His age showed during his echo as he acted the big, brave boy and didn’t cry all. He just lay there peacefully until the echo and ECG were finished. His lovely mother was calling his father during that time. Samem’s dad was happy to see and speak to his beloved son on the phone. Samem is truly loved by his two parents, which is lovely.

After the echo, while waiting to speak with the doctor, Samem was looking at everything in the room as his mother explained to him what each thing was. He is a smart boy. He seemed to understand what his mom explained to him. They have a beautiful relationship with each other.

The doctor told us that his team would discuss Samem’s case to decide which surgery they want to do for Samem. Please pray for this happy boy and his lovely mother. Their family is missing them back in Kurdistan.