Catheterization day for Shadi

Happy man Shadi’s catheterisation went ahead today. His mother was touched by the doctor’s apology that the procedure had to be rescheduled. She is very impressed with the hospital here, and says that Shadi’s oxygen levels are better than ever before, even reaching 100% on the monitors during the evening yesterday.

Shadi was the second catheterisation slot today at Sheba hospital, and his mother happily joined the group of other Kurdish mothers congregating outside the surgery area. Shadi’s mum is worried for her son, her only child. She was feeling positive however, and strong in her faith in God, that he will have the best for Shadi.

The doctor afterwards reassured us that the procedure had gone ahead without complication, and Shadi was taken into the intermediate department of the hospital to wake up.

The doctor explained that Shadi does need to have a surgery, but his heart is very complex and it requires a lot of thought now from the cardiology team to plan a good and appropriate surgery for Shadi.

Shadi was recovering in the ICU next to his favourite puppet toy, and he may likely be coming home to our community home in Jaffa tomorrow.