For more than four months Meera has been in Israel. When she came here, many people couldn’t believe she could live in her former condition, weak and a dark shade of blue.

Over the months ,she has had surgeries and catheterizations, and a long stay in Sheba hospital to battle the incessant pericardial effusion.

Since her discharge, her father has never once demanded to try to push the doctor to discharge her, never complained about how much time he had been here. He was only ever focused on what was best for Meera, no matter how difficult it was.

Today was one last echo for Meera, and she is so well now. One of the doctors in the ICU saw Meera in the echo area and asked them to come say goodbye before we left. Of course we had to take a group photo with much of the staff who have come to love Meera so much and gave so much in caring for her.

We finally got to say, Khalas! It is enough! She is going home to Kurdistan.