A visit to Ezzeldin

Co-worker Tabea and I visited little Ezzeldin in the Pediatric ICU of Sheba Medical Center today. Ezzeldin’s grandmother was there and she was glad to see us. I asked her about Ezzeldin’s situation using Google translate, as she doesn’t speak English.

She shared in Arabic about Ezzeldin and what was happening with him. I heard the word ‘batteria’ and knew she was talking about the pacemaker Ezzeldin will receive eventually. Later, the story was confirmed by a nurse who came into Ezzeldin’s hospital room to check some things.

We were standing in the room, looking at this tiny baby in the big bed. It is surprising how tiny Ezzeldin is. I was thinking about the doctors who can perform surgery on such a tiny body.

Our Lord is great. Nothing is impossible with His overwhelming power. He is loving, compassionate, and wise beyond all measure.’      Psalm 147:5