A difficult condition

One of the cardiologists at Sheba hospital spoke with Mohammed’s father yesterday to explain to him that his son would be having a catheterization tomorrow. But it would not be a normal cardiac catheterization.

They would instead be inserting a catheter in his abdomen to drain the the fluid build-up there and also the fluid around his lungs. He will be with this for at least twenty four hours, and the doctor who will do the procedure was hopeful it would help control the fluid build-up in his stomach as well.

The procedure took place today according to plan. It only lasted a few minutes and was done in Mohammed’s room in the ICU; his father, as always, was calm and supportive of his boy. Before the procedure, his father went downstairs and I stayed with Mohammed. He fell asleep as I brushed his hair with my fingers, and as he did so, I was so thankful that he was able to come here for treatment. At the same time, I am quite sad for the difficulty of his condition even after surgery.

So with that, please continue to pray for healing for him.