First surgery success

Today at Sheba hospital, the first of two surgeries forĀ  baby Mohammed took place. Today’s procedure included a BT shunt and a pulmonary artery banding. These were preparations done to make ready for the arterial switch operation in the coming weeks.

His aunt was holding him to comfort him before his surgery as he had been fasting since early this morning, and his mother would often call from Kurdistan. One of the best things about today was getting to speak with his mother over video call. She could see him after the surgery, and I was reminded that he is someone’s dearly loved baby. Though she can’t be with him now, he is her treasure nonetheless.

Thankfully this operation was quite quick. His aunt was very happy to hear after about three hours that everything had gone well. Please pray for him as his body adjusts to the surgery, and for the next days of his recovery.