When I visited Abed and his lovely mother today at Sheba hospital, Abed was wide awake and she was talking to him. He lifted up his little hands and was smiling back at her. It was so nice to see them together like that, it showed that they have a blessed relationship with each other.

Two weeks ago, Abed had an infection which delayed his transfer to the Alyn rehabilitation hospital. His mother was worried about that and told me again today that she is really looking forward to going to this hospital. Please pray that that departure for Alyn will be possible soon.

I haven’t seen Abed and his lovely mother for quite some time now, and to see him responding and waving with his hands today was really enjoyable. His mother and I shared how very happy we were with his improvement and remembered his first days in the hospital when he was so small.

Even though he is still quite small, he is already very smart, responding to the sound of the voice of his mother, waving and making eye contact. I’m thankful for moments like this where we get the opportunity to share the joy with these dear parents (aunts, uncles, grandparents). Praise the Lord for this.

Please continue to pray for Abed, that if it is in God’s will, he will get transferred to Alyn hospital soon and shortly after be able to go home. It also hasn’t been easy for his mother to be so far away for such a long time, now five months, from her family.