Catheterization day for Abdullah

Today was Abdullah’s catheterization at Sheba hospital. He had to wait a little bit longer then expected. The question today was if he would go into catheterization, because there were more patients going into catheterizations. He was fasting, so it was a little rough for him to wait longer.

While we were waiting, he slept a lot. His mother was emotional. She was nervous. But luckily the doctor came in after a while to bring him into the OR.

While waiting, I had a chance to get to know Abdullah’s mother a little better. With a translation app on my phone, we had a little conversation about our families. It was nice.

After an hour and a half, Abdullah came out of the OR. The catheterization went well. Doctors will use the results of the cath to help them decide the details of a future surgery for Abdullah.

Pray for him and his mother in this nervous time.