Discharged to Kurdistan

This morning, one of the Shevet vans was completely full with people, two of which were Mohammed and his lovely mother. Mohammed has been here now for four months and his time to be delivered back to Kurdistan has come.

On the weekend, we had a farewell party for Mohammed, during which we had a moment to share our memories. I  remembered the very first days when Mohammed’s mother was in the hospital and Mohammed had his first surgery; he became a bit weak and was put on the ECMO machine. At that point, we didn’t know if Mohammed would survive or not. But God knew.

I told Mohammed’s mother how amazed I am by her strength, especially when Mohammed was in and out of the surgery room several times. But she kept trusting. I love Mohammed’s mother, she is always happy, with a beautiful bright smile on her face and was always welcoming to me whenever I visited her in the hospital.

Thankful for healing in Mohammed’s life. I hope and pray that he will continue in this.  Co-workers Colin and Nate are traveling as medical escorts together with Mohammed and his mom.  When they arrive in Kurdistan, they will go immediately from the airport to the hospital.