Seen by gastroenterologist today

Today, Rawen had to come to the hospital together with his lovely mother to see the Gastroenterologist. Rowen has an NG (nasal/gastro) tube and the doctors need to know how he is doing, and whether or not he is ready to have his surgery.  The doctor was very friendly and patiently explained everything, making sure that Rawen’s mother understood everything.

The doctor said that Rawen needs to have a special x-ray to check if there is a connection between the Esophagus and the Trachea, which happens sometimes and causes food to go into the lungs which is not good.

Rawen was very happy for most of his appointment. He cried on one occasion, but quickly calmed down when he saw some fish in a little aquarium located near by. It was nice to see that he enjoyed them.

The hospital needs to schedule an appointment for Rawen to have his test soon because right now, he can’t be scheduled yet for his surgery, due to the possibility of the Esophagus and Trachea being connected.

Please be praying for this to happen soon and for ongoing patience for Rawen’s lovely mother.