Preparations for Bronchoscopy

Next week will be the important bronchoscopy appointment for little Lava at Sheba hospital. Part of the preparation today, was an appointment with the doctor to check about her current condition.

Lava was very happy most of the time today and smiled a lot. It was so nice to see how her mother was caring for her and doing her best to entertain Lava; she didn’t want Lava to become exhausted during the waiting time.

Both did such a good job in staying patient, and we are very thankful for that. At the end we were very happy to hear from the doctor, that Lava is fine and has no UTI infection anymore.

We got all the papers ready for the bronchoscope, and after a blood test we could drive back to Jaffa, where both are staying until next week for the important appointment.

Please pray for a successful bronchoscope!