Support from many quarters

Yano is stable today; her mother was faithfully praying by her bedside this morning. It’s hard to depict the emotional, physical, and psychological toll that having a child this ill takes on a parent. Over the weekend, one of the other Kurdish parents in the hospital called to say that Yano’s mother was really struggling, so between Friday and Saturday a few of our coworkers went to be with her.

Supporting her is a group effort, between the Kurdish mother calling to say that Yano’s mother wasn’t doing well, to the Kurdish mothers at our community house discussing what food she liked best and then cooking it for us to take to the hospital, and an older Kurdish mother accompanying us to the hospital on Saturday afternoon, we have all come to be around Yano’s mother.

We appreciate your prayers going into this week. Tomorrow, doctors may do a trial of disconnecting Yano from the ECMO to see how her heart functions without it.
At the hospital today, one of the mothers was encouraging her with the stories of children who got better after the ECMO machine and when she looked at me to verify this, I named for her the children from these past months. Salwa, Sulaiman, and Mohammed B. Those lives are testimonies and hope for a future for Yano.

Please pray with us.