Development of sepsis

Akar was supposed to have an MRI this morning in the Sheba Medical Center Pediatric ICU, but this was canceled because he has developed sepsis. With his heart already very weak, this is a very dangerous infection.

I can only ask you to continue to pray for him and also for his mother who understands the gravity of the situation. She herself is struggling; yesterday she went to the ER with coworker Ella because of abdominal pain.

It is common that parents of children who are very seriously ill, end up going to the ER themselves because these parents are often in a cycle of not sleeping or eating or even drinking because because they are so focused on and worried about their child.

Tonight she has been extricated from the hospital for a short bit of respite from that environment and will be resting at the Jaffa house where, I pray, she can find some solace in much needed fellowship.