“Guli min– my flower”

When I arrived at the Sheba Hospital Pediatric ICU today, Mizgeen’s mom greeted me with a big smile and the news that Mizgeen is extubated and doing very well. He isn’t feeling well, which is normal after such a big surgery, but the doctors said there is nothing to worry about.

Mizgeen looked fast asleep when I came into the room, but he opened his eyes just long enough to¬†ask if I’d brought my iPad for him to play with. It’s good to see these glimpses of his personality even when he’s not feeling well.

After all the anxiety of yesterday, Mizgeen’s mom is practically glowing now that she knows everything is alright. When Mizgeen¬†gets anxious or agitated, she holds his hand and says over and over, “Mizgeen, guli min”– Kurdish for “my flower.”

Mizgeen is still receiving medicine for sedation for now, as he gets too anxious without it, but the doctors plan to reduce it and wake him up a bit more this evening or tomorrow.

Praise God for his smooth recovery!