A balloon dilation bronchoscopy

If you know Lava, you know she loves eating and loves being held; occasionally she likes to sleep.

The doctors had her fasting from twelve last night for her balloon dilation bronchoscopy, which meant that she was not very happy throughout the night.

This is the third procedure to treat the narrowing of her trachea, and when it was done (it’s only about an hour long), the doctor came out to where Lava’s mother and I were seated, and gave us the lovely news that he hopes this will be the last one she needs before she can go back to Kurdistan! It will be another few weeks before they can fly because Lava must have a test in three weeks time to see how much her trachea has narrowed.

Her mother is an amazing woman of resilience and strength. She has been so amazing through it all. I tried to explain an English idiom to her, “keep your head.” This characterizes her because she is always calm and thoughtful in circumstances where others might not be able to stay calm and think.

So now Lava is waiting to be discharged, God willing, tomorrow to Jaffa, and in the meantime, compensating for the hours of fasting by drinking all the milk she wants.