A Beautiful Day

Praise God for a wonderful Gaza clinic! Most of the Gazans that came out were follow up appointments, so six of the children had echoes. But one girl, a 22 year old named Hadeel, was admitted for a battery change in her pacemaker, so please be praying that the procedure would be free of complications and her time in Israel would even bring the joy of the Lord to her life. The follow-up echoes were all good news!

A toddler named Sham had her first echo since her surgery a month ago, she came out with her aunt, and  sweet 24 year old named Souzan had a very good appointment, the doctors were well pleased with her continued progress! The doctors also gave good reports for  Aisha, Hanan, Salma, and Hayat who will have varying future follow-up echoes, but praise God their health is good and please pray with us for continued healing! All in all it was a beautiful day.

Adrie and I had the privilege of spending much of the day with  Salma and Hayat, who were both around eight years old. We quickly transformed the waiting area into a  play area as we spread out paper,  pastel crayons, puzzles and dominoes.  I almost didn’t bring the dominoes  this morning before we left, but thank God  the Holy Spirit gave me an inkling to bring them along because some of our most fun moments came from building structures around the teddy bears we gave them and multiple attempts at making a long line of dominoes which inevitably one of us would accidentally knock over.

What a privilege the Father gave us today to interact with these beautiful families and for all the great reports we receive. Thank you Jesus!