A beautiful day for a beautiful girl

Khonav and her mum have been asking when her CT scan will be for some time. This is possibly her final assessment needed to check whether her condition is good enough to return home.

Without being able to see “inside,” we can see such a big change on the outside for Khonav! Since the surgery, she has vastly improved in what she is capable of doing physically. She is also very determined not to have to use the wheelchair. She has been out to the Carmel Market, walked to the beach a few times and yesterday even had a (short) go on the exercise machines outside!

She is a lot of fun and full of life and excitement. It’s good to laugh with her, without her getting out of breath.

Today Khonav had duly fasted ahead of her CT scan, and was feeling hungry when we arrived at the hospital. As we were waiting, a really lovely doctor passed us, who had been very taken with Khonav while she was an inpatient.

So it was with great joy that she greeted Khonav and her mother. We hope she will be able to come to Khonav’s farewell party which….could be very soon!

The scan went smoothly, and afterwards we joined the other families waiting in the cardiology area. Khonav called her brother in Kurdistan to update him on the day.

We need to wait for the doctor to interpret the CT scan, and then perhaps Khonav will be cleared to return home and be reunited with her family. She and her mum will be sorely missed!