A beautiful mother

It was a special moment to see Lalo’s mother this morning at Sheba Hospital. Despite not seeing her for only one day, I truly had missed her. So when she responded to my and co-worker Alena’s message, asking if she wanted to come and sit with in an upstairs waiting area, we were very pleased. I was not expecting her to burst into tears as she hugged with Alena. A long embrace, with so much said, silently.

Lalo’s strong and beautiful mother has apparently come to realize it is not the case that Lalo’s surgery yesterday would fix his problems for life. Instead, she learned that as he grows, the newly-placed valve of yesterday’s surgery will need to be replaced, a few times perhaps, during his lifetime.

Lalo’s mum was very upset to think of Lalo’s future, filled with surgeries, for which she would have to travel each time, making the situation so difficult for her family.

Thankfully Lalo is recovering well from this surgery. She sent this photo, cuddled up in a blanket, and now he is extubated. He has started to drink milk already!

Please pray for peace in the heart of this beautiful mother.