A beautiful surprise, and still a cheeky boy

A few times in the past, there have been problems with the Erez Border crossing allowing Mohaned and a guardian to enter Israel, and therefore his echo-cardiograms have had to be rescheduled.

So today, I did not feel too hopeful that I would be receiving Mohaned at the border. I also expected that he would be coming with his grandmother, as last time Mohaned came for surgery, it had been difficult for his mother to leave her three daughters and her husband at home. However, today at Sheba hospital, it was a wonderful surprise to see Mohaned, clutched in the arms of his mother! “You!” I exclaimed as I told her what a big surprise it was. I really thought that after the time she entered the gate of Erez in February, I would never see this lovely friend ever again.

The doctor found that Mohaned’s heart is looking good today! He will need to have a catheterisation in a few months’ time to help improve some of his blood vessels, but for today, he was able to return to Gaza with his mother.

Thank God for the gift of seeing this mom again and Mohaned was wonderful. He has had his first birthday party last week, and he has grown up so much. He is more aware of his surroundings, and can do a lot more with his hands, always reaching out and trying to clap. He has grown strong enough to sit, and to weight bear on his feet. Still he is the same smiley, cheeky boy, and it was so good to see him today and enjoy his company.

Thank God for a lovely day being able to see these very special two, and for Mohaned’s good health