A big day for little Awmed

I arrived at Sheba hospital today just in God’s perfect timing, specifically to the secondary ICU where little Awmed and his lovely grandmother where admitted yesterday evening.  I asked one of the nurses if Awmed was already in his surgery and if she knew where his grandmother was. The nurse was very friendly and told me that Awmed’s surgery began around 7:30 a.m., but she couldn’t tell me where his grandmother was.

As I walked out of the secondary ICU, there was Awmed’s grandmother, walking toward me at the same time. Sadly, she was very sad and upset by the commencement of Awmed’s surgery. She was crying a bit, so I gave her a hug, and tried to comfort her. We sat down in front of the surgery area to begin waiting together. Even though we couldn’t talk much due to language barriers, it was good that I was with her and that she was not alone during this difficult time.

The surgery took about seven hours to complete. Shortly after, Awmed was moved to the ICU. His grandmother and I still had to wait for another half hour until we were allowed to enter the ICU because the doctors needed to take place him on various machines and to prepare everything. When we were allowed to enter the ICU, Awmed’s grandmother was crying silently because she was happy that the surgery was over, and that it went well.

Thank you for your prayer support for both Awmed and his grandmother. Our prayers go up for his complete recovery and for peace for his grandmother.