A Blessed Child

Quite at the beginning of today’s hospital visit I was left alone with little Mateen for a few minutes. When I smiled at him he returned the smile. While I was looking at him I was thinking, “Oh, what am I going to do if he starts to cry?“ then realized that I never really saw him crying. Even when his mum came back and started to prepare his bottle, he didn’t cry at all but only made some gentle noises (which is very special as most of the other children start to scream as soon as they get hungry). I know that his mum loves him a lot; she is always protecting him. A calm child must be a pure blessing to his parents and I believe that he is a blessing.

Mateen (left) cuddling next to Aram (right)

When we then went to the blood test, it was the first time I saw him crying, as he was in pain. Yet he was so brave, eyes fixed on his mum who sang to him to calm him down. The nurse did a really good job so the blood test didn’t take longer than necessary.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for what you have done so far in Mateen’s life! He is going to have an echo next week and I pray that his results will be fine.