A Blessed Day

We spent quite a lot of time with Dleza and her brother and it was great. First we visited them in their room talking, finding out how she was and noticing how her brother has improved his English immensely. Dleza was very quiet and introverted only smiling a few times. She is okay but first of all doesn’t like being at the hospital and secondly is missing home and her mom a lot. Right now the doctors are trying to figure out the cause of her fever and the siblings hope to be discharged tomorrow in case Dleza is in a better condition.

In the meantime the brother takes good care of his sister and is also an important support for our other families. While he spent time with one family to help them, Dleza and I sat outside of the hospital enjoying the sun and a change during the daily routine. I really enjoyed the time at the hospital and felt God’s blessings during the day. Both are very special to me.

Let’s pray she doesn’t have fever during the night and can be discharged tomorrow which would make them really happy. Also keep their hearts in mind to soften and open for God’s word and the Gospel.