A blessed surgery

Punctually, at eight o’clock in the morning, our little friend Adam entered the operating room at Sheba Medical Center today. His mom brought him in. It was a very hard distance for her and fear overwhelmed her in the moment she exited and the door closed behind her. Great tears ran down her cheeks. My wife Anna and I didn’t know how to comfort her; our Kurdish is, after six weeks, very limited. We asked via Google translator if we can pray for her and the surgery. She said YES.

After this prayer we felt how God’s blessing came over the situation. At first, another Kurdish mother whose child is also being treated at Sheba, came outside the ICU and spent a lot of time with us. Together with the two mums, we started to learn some Kurdish and Arabic words and had a lot of fun.

Then Adam’s mum showed us some lovely pictures of Kurdistan and of Adam, she loves her latest son very much. Other Kurdish families came and sat down, so she was distracted from the sorrows about her son. The special thing was that during the waiting time, she get maybe two or three updates about Adam’s condition from doctors coming out of the operating area. That was something new for us. We want to bless the Lord, that after 4,5 hours, finally Dr. Katz came out with a thumbs up! Everything was ok! Surgery successful, no complications! Hallelujah!

Well, now her face lit up and she expressed her joy. We waited another hour for Adam’s stabilization and enjoyed a delicious lunch together. Then she could finally go back to her beloved baby. Thank you Lord, for this blessed day!