A blessed surgery

At Sheba Hospital today, tiny Maryam had mitral valve repair surgery. Before the surgery, her grandmother told me the doctors had said it would be a very long surgery, probably six or seven hours.

Maryam’s grandmother was very worried and sad as they wheeled Maryam into the OR; she sat and cried for several minutes after that. Co-worker Luisa and I sat and prayed with her, and she calmed down. Maryam is her only grandchild, and very dear to her.

Thank God, after only four hours, Maryam was wheeled out. The doctors said the surgery went very well. Maryam’s chest is still open, though they say this is routine practice for a baby as small as she is.

So far, the repaired valve is functioning well, with no backwash. The doctors want to keep her chest open till Sunday so that they can easily intervene if needed. If Maryam is still stable on Sunday, they hope to close her chest then. Praise God for this successful surgery!

Please pray Maryam will continue to recover and thrive beyond even our greatest hopes. God has done amazing work in her tiny body, and we pray He will continue.