A blessing around every corner


Our beloved Daryan took on a visit to the hospital today. He was scheduled to have a blood test. As we arrived we received the first of many blessings. While Colin was holding him he showed his big smile and love for her. Both of us were very happy to see this because we knew that Daryan would not like the procedure later on.

Entering the department, Daryan seemed to remember this place and he started to cry. Just the thought on giving blood seemed to scare him immensely. Seeing his pain, his mum and I tried to cheer him up but we could not take Daryan’s pain. As the nurse tried to insert the needle, she began to shake her head and told us that she could not see his veins clearly enough. A few seconds later we were told to go to the Emergency Room and let them do the test.

Our hope on a quick procedure was gone but as God promised all things worked out for the best. During our wait in front of the Emergency Room, Daryan seemed to forget about what had happened and his beautiful smile reappeared. He was running around laughing and showing me and his mum what sounds Shevy (our community dog) or a cat make. His joy was not lessened by the time of waiting nor by the memory of the morning. This pure joy amazed me and I was glad to be with him and to receive a portion of this joy as well.

But God’s blessings have no end, He gives his children more than we might expect. After one hour of waiting the doctor that we spoke to at the beginning, came out to transport another patient. Upon seeing us, he came to me and apologized that we had to wait so long. On his way back, he took on Daryan’s case himself and successfully took a blood sample from Daryan in one try. Little Daryan did not have to suffer for long and his joy continued the rest of the day.

After we finished up in the Emergency Room, God gave Daryan’s mum a precious gift. Since we were not ready to go yet, she was able to visit Neena’s mum. The two friends talked and hung out with each other. A day filled with God’s amazing blessings.