A blessing for all involved

A blessing for all involved is that two-month old Khader has recovered to finally “graduate” from the Intensive Care Unit!

He was happily sucking on a sugary dummy in the company of his beautiful yet tired mother, when we arrived to visit him. It is a real treat to see him. During his time in the ICU we are not allowed to enter due to Coronavirus restrictions.

Since the surgery, his beautiful head of hair has been shaved in sections, to allow for previous cannulas. Still, Khader himself seems not to know the big fight for his health, as all he wants is his mum, the same as every baby!

He is no longer with any oxygen support, which his mum is happy about. He is still very small, weighing just over 2kg. He is also experiencing some problems with his digestion and feeding.
Please pray for his continued recovery.