A blessing for Aya

When Aya and her mother went with me to Sheba for a CT scan today, I was amazed when she started dancing and singing in the waiting room. She showed a lot of courage while doing so, in front of a lot of strangers, but most of all despite her anxiety for the echo. Waking up from the sedation was a bit scary for her, but her mother’s loving care comforted her.

You gain a lot of strength while not bowing down to fear, and her reward came on our way home. We went by train from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and she was so thrilled about it. This was her first trip by train, and I could almost touch her excitement. I’m so happy and proud on her behalf, because in her age you are aware of what’s going on, even if you don’t fully understand it. This is a brave little girl, and she deserved a reward.

Please pray for her to continue to sing and dance to gain strength in life, and pray for the medical staff to make good decisions about her up-r>coming operation.