A bold explorer

Five-year-old Amir had a good echo today! It seems like his catheterization has had good results, and he is doing well. He was a bit shy at first, hiding his face in his mother’s skirts when I tried to talk to him, but he quickly warmed up.

He has a lot of energy, and we enjoyed exploring the hospital together today – first with the cars in the echo waiting area, and then downstairs with a foam duck.

During one of the long waits, he video-called his younger sister, and was excitedly showing her all of the toys in the hospital. The only thing that the doctors  suggest after his echo is that he go for a pacemaker appointment soon, since they detected an abnormality during his ECG. He will return in one month for that check-up.

Praise God for such a healthy, happy little boy! Please pray that there is no problem with his pacemaker.