A Brave Girl

Today we had the opportunity to visit Marya and her father after she had her cath this morning. We did not arrive at the hospital until after it was completed, so we saw her after. After talking with nurses and doctors, they were able to tell us that it went well and that she was doing well. We did not get much more information other than she was doing well. We had to be very gentle in visiting with her, because when we would get close we she would begin to cry thinking that we were doctors or nurses. We spent a few minutes speaking and singing softly and playing peek a boo with her. We only got to visit for a little while, because she had to get an x-ray for her chest. After traveling through the hospital to finish a couple more things, we went back up to see Marya, and found that she had changed rooms because she was doing so well.

We ask that you pray for Marya and her father. Pray that Marya continues to have good news and that she heals well, and peace for Marya’s father.