A brief but emotional reunion

Today, co-worker Julio went to pick up the father of little Ziad today from the Gaza border to bring him to the hospital. It was lovely to meet him, and they chatted about many things, having a connection over how they enjoy Columbian coffee in Gaza. As they spoke about Ziad, Julio shared that he fondly calls him “Zizu”, deeming the father to therefore be “Abu Zizu” or father of Zizu. Julio encouraged him with how loved and precious his son is, and how we have been praying for him so much.

Praise the Lord they were able to enter the hospital smoothly. It was an emotional and very special moment as Ziad’s mother reached the car to see him. The two parents hugged each other, finally they were able to see each other for a brief moment after so many long, difficult and heavy months apart.

Each of them has been carrying a big burden; we have seen Ziad’s mother faithfully standing at the side of her son, through multiple surgeries and events for more than six months. Ziad’s father has now come to replace the mother and she returned home to Gaza today to be with her other children. Praise the Lord for this beautiful moment, and please keep praying for God’s will in Ziad’s life.