A brief reunion

Four month old Raied returned to Israel for a follow up echo today. Intermittently over the last few months his mum has called Georgia as they built a very close friendship when she was here in the hospital, so today she was excited to her again.

The cardiologist in Gaza had taken Raied off his medications, which caused some change in his heart function, but overall he is doing well, and will come back for another follow up in four months.

His mum, along with Georgia and another Gaza mum went to the supermarket in the hospital to get some snacks for the drive which they really enjoyed, and a very special moment was when we arrived at Erez border and some of Raied’s mother’s family were waiting to say a quick hello to her. It had been years since they had seen each other. Seeing how they embraced and just sort of held one another for a few minutes after years of being apart was really quite sad; the relatives also held little Raied as well. The reunion lasted maybe five minutes before Raied and his mum crossed the border into Gaza. We will see this lovely family in four months time.