A bright smile

As co-worker Brianna and I entered Khonav’s hospital room, her face lit up and underneath her oxygen mask we could see a bright smile.

I haven’t seen Khonav and her mother in a week so there were many kisses and hugs. I just love them so much and the way they express their love to us. Of course, one of mum’s first questions was if we wanted something to eat! Her caring heart for Khonav and also for us is so beautiful.

After a while of sitting and chatting, the social workers came. These people are doing such a great job! Khonav went with them to a craft class to paint something. But before they went, Daiki Khonav showed us proudly a picture that Khonav drew – it was such a lovely moment.

After Khonav’s left lung collapsed yesterday, she is still recovering with high amounts of supplemental oxygen. She wasn’t too happy about wearing the mask, but it really helps her and she understood why she needs to wear it. Khonav talked a lot about coming home (to Jaffa) but before that will happen, she will need an x-ray tomorrow. Hopefully after the results, they can reduce the amount of needed oxygen so she can finally return to our home in Jaffa again.

I know she really wants to be at home, but I also know that she enjoys painting a lot so I am happy about the time she can spend in hospital to recover from everything. Please pray with me that she will not get upset about staying in the hospital a bit longer, but will enjoy painting even more. In our prayers we can also support her mother who is such a big help for Khonav.