A bronchoscopy to shed some light

Majed was still re-intubated today at Hadassah Hospital’s ICU. No change in that he still cannot breathe well without being intubated. A small blood sample was taken today for testing for infections.

And medical staff were preparing him for a ultrasound image of his airways. Once the image was taken, they began preparing little Majed for a bronchoscopy. The bronchoscopy will help them to see what’s going on with his airways because they are almost certain the problem for Majed is somewhere in the throat.

Every part of this little person is linked elsewhere to something helping him survive this battle. We’re so thankful for the perseverance and careful watch of the medical staff in this ICU. They won’t give up on Majed, no matter how frustrating it seems that this small person isn’t showing signs of improvement.

May God move in Majed’s life and through this bronchoscopy, may some clarity be given, some solution become obvious to at least one doctor so that Majed can come out of this dark tunnel. Light please, light breaking into the darkness, breaking the negative cycles and bringing healing for Majad, Amen