A Busy but Beautiful Day

It’s always a joy to spend time with the Gaza families at Wolfson hospital. Today 10 families from Gaza came with their beautiful little kids for different procedures. We enjoyed our time with playing with a ball, blowing balloons, painting with crayons and stuff like that.

These are our beautiful kids that were with us today:

Ahmed (17 months):  He came here with his lovely grandma for a follow up for his pacemaker. Praise the Lord everything looks good! He enjoyed so much his time playing with Anna, walking and smiling.

Elen (50 days): The youngest baby from the group today. Elen has a complex congenital heart disease. She has truncus arteriosos type 1 and truncus valvue stenosis.

She was admitted today for urgent evaluation and possibly surgery tomorrow. Please pray for wisdom to the doctors and also for a quick recovery and healing in this little one.

Mohammad (15 years): He came for a follow up.

Teka (9 years): We really enjoyed our time with this beautiful and smart girl, she painted really nice and also she knew some English. She came here for a follow up.

Ward (3 months): This sweet baby came here for a evaluation for a complete atrioventricular canal defect.

Yehia (3 years): This active and smiling boy came  for a re-evaluation for his cardiomyopathy. Anna really enjoyed her time with him. While we waited for his appointment they played with a ball and others kids joined them.

Hanan (1 year): This sweet princess was admitted for a urgent evaluation and possibly a cath.

Sanabel (18 years): The oldest girl in the group was admitted for a cath tomorrow. She already had some procedures like that, but she is so brave. We trust in God that everything is will going well with her.

Ali (1 year): in the beginning this beautiful boy was crying and also he vomited because of his medication, but Anna and his guardian were able to calm him down and after then he played with us for a while.

Sham (1 year): This beautiful girl cried for a while after her check up with the doctor. I tried to calm her down but the only one who could do that was her amazing grandma.

We give thanks to the Lord for this beautiful day with those special families and also believe that God is with them. Please help us to pray for each of these beautiful kids.