A busy day at the Gaza clinic

Today Qusai and Deema were admitted to Wolfson for catheterization procedures. A boy named Adam was also discharged from Wolfson after a catheterization, and was able to return to Gaza.

</div Qusai, a 7 year old boy from Gaza, has been admitted to Wolfson for a catheterization. He is here with his sweet mother. Both Qusai and his mother were so patient in waiting for another child named Deema to cross the border into Israel. In the waiting time, Qusai wrote the whole alphabet, drew beautifully, and also showed me how to write his name in Arabic. His mother was sweet and shared photos of Qusai and his little brother.

Deema, who is slightly more than one and a half years, has also been admitted to Wolfson for a catheterization. She is with her kind grandfather. Please pray for Deema as she seemed very anxious and also her oxygen levels are low. When I first met her, I immediately thanked God for allowing permission to travel to Israel for care. Deema and her grandfather waited so long at the border crossing. Her little fingers and her lips were incredibly blue.The doctors in Gaza urgently asked for her to travel, and thought that if she needed to wait longer that she would suffer greatly.

Adam, who is the same age as Deema, was discharged to return to Gaza. Adam is so sweet, and it was so refreshing to see him playing with the toys at the hospital. He will need to return in a few months for a major heart operation. He and his mother will now go through a 21-day quarantine in Gaza when they return.

Please pray for Qusai and Deema as they undergo various procedures and for Adam as he returns home. We pray for a peace that surpasses all understanding and for hope through Christ.