A busy Neena…

The moment I first met Neena, we instantly connected. She sat in my lap for her first assessment in Israel, and was happy to scribble over her first assessment paper. Her childlike innocence and trust brought me peace and joy. She fell asleep quickly in the car in her red car seat and when we arrived, I carried sleeping, peaceful Neena into the house. The families were awaiting their arrival and had a feast of falafel prepared for the new families. The house was lively, but even after she awoke in a strange new environment, Neena simply smiled and quickly adjusted. She has been walking up and down the stairs, pushing a stroller with motherly love, and even interacting with the other children.


Underneath her pink jacket with silver stars, Neena wore a little blue dress with embroidered flowers. One of the families commented on how beautiful she appeared in the dress.


I pray that Neena will continue to grow and flourish during her time in Israel, blooming as the flowers depict on her dress. Please also continue to pray for her growing family, as Neena’s dear mother is one month pregnant.

Neena’s diagnosis is tricuspid atresia. Her mother shared about how when Neena was born, she was already showing signs of cyanosis–or turning “blue” due to inadequate oxygen. When she was five months old, Neena’s grandfather assessed Neena and suggested bringing her to the doctor forĀ  further assessment. The doctors in Kurdistan then referred her to Israel, and we are all so thankful that she is here. Her first assessment at the Israeli hospital is on October 30.