A catheterization for Mohammed

Today we found Mohammed in the intermediate stage of the cardiac ICU. He had a diagnostic catheterisation and the rersults pleased the attending cardiologist. The information has helped them to form a change in treatment plan, which hopefully will lead to improvements for this very small boy. He still is not growing well yet, and his heart had been showing signs of failure.

It was a joy for co-worker Carina and I to spend some time with Mohammed’s aunt today. She asked after everyone at Shevet Achim, and was excited to hear that it had been the birthdays of both co-workers Alena and Sabrina since we last saw each other. She of course blessed them with her prayer for a beautiful year and life and to have many children, for all of us. A generous blessing from this special lady who does not have her own children, yet has been willing to step in on multiple occasions for various family members to care for their children.

She enquired after the children we mutually know¬† and we shared how shocked and sad we all had been to hear about the death of one of the other patients. I was happy to hear, if I understood her correctly, that Mohammed’s father had visited the family in Gaza whose child had passed away. Mohammed’s father has always shown himself to be a good and caring man with a kind heart, and it made me think about the blessing of friendships which form in the hospital between these families who walk through such difficult, emotional and long days together.

As we left, Carina and I agreed with the auntie’s expression, that it is too early to be leaving each other, and we wished for longer and more time to spend together. She is a big blessing for Mohammed and also for all people who meet her.

Please pray that Mohammed will gain strength and recover, and that God will surround his beautiful family.