A changed girl

Beautiful Meera and her friendly father had to move from the secondary ICU of  Sheba hospital to the underground parking garage ICU of the hospital because of the given circumstances.

When I visited them today, there were clowns coming to the hospital visiting her as they do many children from time to time. It was very lovely to see these clowns in action. Little Meera quite enjoyed their visit.

My thought in that moment while watching the clowns visiting with Meera, was that Meera is a changed girl compared to when I first met her in the beginning of her time in Israel. It was quite normal then for her to be very shy when she met people for the first time; she would almost cry immediately because she did not know them. But if you compare this to how she is now, meeting new people is now normal for her and she loves to meet them. She is a very beautiful and strong person, as is her father, who has been with her in the hospital for a long time now.

Please pray for ongoing patience for him and for this precious little girl to recover well.